Yungang Grottoes tourism notice

According to the document No. [2020] 416 issued by the development and Reform Commission of Shanxi Province, it will be implemented from January 1, 2021.

1、 Opening hours:

9: 00-17:00 (stop selling tickets at 16:30).

2、 Notes for ticket purchase:

1. Ticket purchase:

The scenic spot can buy tickets with my ID card on site. For online tickets, you need to fill in your personal identity information to book and scan the code to enter the park. The tickets are valid on the same day.

2. Ticket price:

In peak season (April 1 to October 31), 120 yuan / person time, half price ticket 60 yuan / person time.

Off season (November 1 to March 31 of the next year) 100 yuan / person time, half price ticket 50 yuan / person time.

3、 Preferential policies:

1. Free ticket:

(1) Over 60 years old, with my ID card or senior citizen card free of charge.

(2) Children under 6 years old or under 1.2 meters in height are free of charge.

(3) Tour guides are free of charge to hold their own tour guide certificate, dispatch list and itinerary plan (excluding tour guide qualification certificate and manager qualification certificate).

(4) Disabled people with their ID card and the second generation of "people's Republic of China disability card" free tickets; disabled soldiers with their ID card and "disabled soldier card" free tickets.

(5) Soldiers in active service (including teachers and students of Military Academy) are free of charge with their "military security card", "officer certificate" and "soldier certificate".

(6) Retired cadres and non commissioned officers of the armed forces are free of charge with certificates of honor, certificates of retirement and certificates of retirement for non commissioned officers.

(7) The family members of martyrs, those of soldiers who died on duty and those of soldiers who died of illness are free of charge with the "preferential treatment certificate" issued by the Ministry of Veterans Affairs.

(8) The police are free of charge with the police officer certificate.

(9) In 2021, tourists holding ID cards of Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu will be free of charge. All free tourists can book tickets through the "Shanxi Tour" app or wechat app.

2. Half ticket

(1) Minors aged 6 to 18 can enjoy half price tickets with their ID cards.

(2) Full time students with bachelor's degree or below can enjoy half price tickets with their student ID card.

(3) The family members of active servicemen can enjoy half price tickets with their "military certificate".

4、 Note:

1. All kinds of certificates that enjoy free tickets and half price tickets are invalid if they are altered, expired or have no certificate number; if the student card has no registration seal, it is invalid; if the relevant information is incomplete, it is invalid.

2. Master's and doctoral students, adult education students, self-taught students and all kinds of advanced study students are not included in the preferential list.

3. Holders of Datong tourism card shall comply with the regulations.

4. Pets and candles are not allowed in the park. Smoking and UAV flying are not allowed in the scenic area.

Price report hotline: 12315