Premier Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall
On September 15, 1973, when Premier Zhou Enlai accompanied French President Pompidou to visit Yungang Grottoes, he witnessed the tragedy of the grottoes and immediately instructed the State Administration of cultural relics to "repair them within three years". In the following three years, the engineering and technical personnel adopted the engineering methods of internal pouring concrete frame, external embedding stone cement mortar, anchor pulling, epoxy resin grouting and bonding, carried out large-scale rescue and reinforcement for all the endangered caves, carried out homing and bonding for the collapsed stone carvings, and carried out necessary repair or artistic restoration for the broken stone carvings. Thus, the stability of the Grottoes is basically solved, and the original appearance of the Grottoes is maintained to the maximum extent. Yungang Grottoes have been greatly improved and admired by people today.