LIFO Avenue
The so-called "road of rites and Buddhas" is "booze, puwu, Zhou, Cihang, fa'an". Walking westward, thirteen pairs of thousand Buddha columns are listed on both sides of the LIFO Avenue. The sacred pillar is 8.73 meters high. It is carved in Huangsha rock. From bottom to top, it is a perfect combination of xumizuo, Lishi, Baixiang and the pillar. The shape is towering and exquisite. Under the dense pine forest on both sides, the standing sacred pillar is magnificent and magnificent. It seems to lead to heaven and earth. It also imitates the Buddha. Only the road paved with such sacred pillars can be called the road of worshipping Buddha. The prototypes of Qianfo liezhu are in caves 9, 10, 12 and 14. They are carried by gods such as elephants and lions. They are three-dimensional and magnificent, showing the grand appearance of the imperial palace of the Northern Wei Dynasty in Pingcheng period.
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