The statue of tanmei of bhiksuni
Located in front of the Mountain Gate of cave 1 of Yungang Grottoes, the stone inscription "the statue of tanmei of bhiksuni" was inscribed in 503 ad (the fourth year of Jingming Dynasty). There are 110 words on the tablet, which represent the social background at that time, express the high faith and piety of biqiuni tanmei, the vower, and his wish for the rejuvenation and development of Buddhism. The writing style is beautiful, which can be called the best of Buddhist vows. This tablet also shows us a unique font of the Northern Wei Dynasty. Because this kind of font was mostly used in inscriptions at that time, later generations called it Wei stele style. The characters of Wei stele are simple and powerful, which is the transition from official script to regular script. From this point of view, Wei tablet calligraphy should be the creation of Pingcheng in the Northern Wei Dynasty. The original object is very small, only 30 cm high and 28 cm wide. It was excavated in 1956 in front of cave 20 and is now in Yungang Museum.
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