Lotus Avenue
Buddhism, ginkgo, pure water and lotus wash ancient and modern. Lotus Avenue is located in front of cave 20 of Yungang Grottoes. The straight and quiet Avenue connects with Jieyin Buddha Hall. On both sides of the avenue stand 74 pairs of exquisite Boshan stoves. Boshan furnace is made of copper and was made in 2010. The furnace cover is carved into a mountain shape with images of feathered people and animals on it. The earliest Boshan furnace was popular in the Han, Wei and Jin Dynasties. A large number of Boshan furnaces were carved in Yungang Grottoes. As the most important tool in Buddhism, the meaning of Boshan furnace is to show respect for Buddhism. The appearance of Boshan furnace came from one of the sculpture themes of ancient Indian Buddhist art. The creative elements of Boshan furnace on both sides of Lianhua Avenue come from Yungang Grottoes.
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