Ancient stone Buddha Temple
The ancient stone Buddha Temple is the Yungang temple in front of the existing caves 5 and 6. There are Mountain Gate, Tianwang hall, wing room, stone lion, bell and Drum Tower. Shanmen (Qing Dynasty) is located at the southernmost end of the North-South central axis of the temple. It is built of brick and stone, with a hard hilltop style, and is located on the high platform foundation. The old title on the Mountain Gate said: "ancient stone Buddha Temple", with two characters embedded in the walls, the left said "bolt head", the right said "chanting Buddha". At present, the left door of Tianwang hall is inscribed with "Zhajian - Dafo Temple" and the right door is inscribed with "ancient temple - Shifo Temple". This simple and elegant Yungang temple, the ancient stone Buddha Temple, was built by Tong Yangliang, governor of Shunzhi in the eighth year of the Qing Dynasty. It has been repaired by later generations and is now a symbol of the temple complex of the Qing Dynasty in Yungang Grottoes.
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